How to choose curtains for your space?

Curtains decorate almost every home and office space. There are many reasons for installing curtains. We can place them as protection from sunlight, protection from the prying eyes of neighbors and passers-by, as a
visual partition of space (extremely popular in e.g. beauty salons), refinement and
decoration of living or business space, etc.
One of our most popular products sewn by the skillful hands of our seamstresses at I.Dei dizajn
d.o.o. are exactly curtains. Thanks to
many years of experience in sewing and assembling curtains, we have acquired great knowledge. For this reason, we can offer our
clients a complete service based on knowledge and experience. Sometimes clients are
not sure what they want, so our advice can help them get the product and service they want in the shortest possible time and with minimal costs.
Depending on the purpose of the space, the function of the curtains also changes. We need to calculate all the parameters before
we start making one, apparently ordinary curtain, but we recommend our clients to
reconsider their wishes and motives for installing curtains before we start making one, apparently ordinary curtain, but to our clients we recommend that
reconsider their wishes and motives for installing curtains before we begin the actual production.

In the informative conversation with our clients, we always ask a few simple questions.
It is important for us to define the wishes and needs of our clients as precisely as possible in order to deliver precisely the kind of product our client wants.
Whatever the reasons for installing curtains were, it is important that the curtains meet several of the following conditions:
1. purpose (what we want to achieve by installing curtains),
2. functionality (why we install curtains, where in the room we will install curtains)
3. quality of production (how and from what materials are they made),
4. visual impression (how they look and how we will place them) i
5. personal feeling (what feelings they create in us).

If your curtain answers these few simple questions, then you have done a smart thing
shopping. You can buy cheaper curtains made of lighter materials in a shopping center, but take it
considering that these curtains are generic (you will have to fit the curtain into your space, instead of it
adapts to him) and of slightly lower quality. Also, you have limited types at your disposal and
the quality of the material, so your choice is narrowed down in that segment as well.
If you are still looking for a longer-term solution,
contact a professional who, in accordance with your wishes and needs and your very character and
using the purpose of your space to produce curtains just for you.
It is important to emphasize that the decorations in the space must fit into the space, and not the other way around. For that reason
we always recommend custom-made curtains. In the company I.Dea dizajn d.o.o. we offer a whole range of services and we are with you throughout
process – from the very idea to production and assembly.
Tailored with love! 🖤


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