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Interior curtains

To give style and elegance to any environment

The light that filters through the fabric makes each room unique and creates suggestive effects that complement and enhance the furniture. Silk, cotton, linen and polyester are the raw materials of the exclusive made in Italy collections by Idea Dizajn.

From the choice of the ideal fiber to the installation, up to the maintenance of the fabric over time, each customer is offered a complete professional service, which starts with an inspection and includes the measurement of windows, doors and windows.

A deep knowledge of materials and processing techniques
A very wide range of fabrics to create both classic and modern settings for living spaces and work environments. Tailor-made creations that enhance the furnishings.
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What People Say

"Having used Idea DIzajn several times before and been very impressed with their level of customer service and quality I was equally impressed this time roo.."
Anna Paulina
Client of Company
"The truly serious and high quality company. They treat each client as if they were unique, they are very professional for all time of service."
Paolo Lorenzetti
Client of Company
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