Combinations That Look Great With Blue

A true classic home interior colour, blue is extremely versatile and lends itself to styling with an array of other colours to suit different styles of home. Given the wide range of colours that pair well with blue it is an ideal choice for walls, furniture, curtains and home accessories. Whatever room you are decorating, pairing a colour with blue allows you to easily create a timeless new look. We’ve put together our guide on what other colours look great with this staple shade.

From darker blues that appear almost black to lighter tones that appear almost white, shades of blue span the entire colour spectrum.

Blues with green undertones tend to be brighter shades such as turquoise and aquamarine, whilst more purple toned blues fall at the darker end of the range with shades such as indigo and ultramarine. However the appearance of these shades will still be heavily influenced by factors such as the amount of natural light in your room and other colours in your scheme. When pairing colours looking for complementary undertones will ensure a harmonious relationship between the two and sampling your colours thoroughly will ensure you find your perfect match. Take a look at our most popular partners for blue to find the dream combination for your space.


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